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Industrial Rewind Hose Reels RC Series

RC Serices Industrial Hose Reels are manufactured in China,it is including Lighter&economical type,(Series RT)Compact Reels(Series 4000,5000),Heavy Duty Reels(Series 7000),Dual pedestal reels(Series DP5000),Vehicle-mount reels(Series 9000),large mobile reels(Series 3100)

■Special Vehicles
■Fuel Delivery,Fire,Maritime
■Municipal Sanitation
■Auto Maintenance

Excellent Products From Design Excellence

Any outstanding product originated in its distinctive design, reel product is no exception.BSIREEL designer team engaged in winding technology and system research, focus on the customer's real needs, and self-denial, and in the process of keeping track of user product experience accumulated rich professional experience, so our reel products is also in constant improvement and change.A patent for invention rotational structure components, independent research and development of slow release of vortex coil spring, double support stable structure, selective fluid access structure on both sides, and fast locking devices such as superior design, all these features together created a remarkable Bsireel reel products.

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